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Explanation of profit from Google Adsense for beginners

Explanation of profit from Google Adsense for beginners, starting from creating a Google AdSense account and even the best methods of earning property from Google ads within the framework of the explanations for making money from the Internet and this comes in the context of continuing the explanations that we provide in the world of profitable business that help you to gain ownership in the best methods and we have already We have provided a very important explanation that seems to be the most important methods of winning the property from the Internet quickly and here we continue that and explain Google Adsense a remarkable and explicit explanation with pictures and video clips as well, God willing, as we explain to you the best methods that cooperate in the effort with Adsense and profit through it, I earn good despite the fact that Few, especially beginners, may think that the effort with Adsense and making profits through it is a myth or something unreal until that time, but we assure you that you can find the abundant amount of profits that reach thousands of dollars every month through the Adsense Foundation. There are those who make millions of pounds and they are not Geniuses as few think of destinyWhich makes you unable to catch up with them.

Earning from Google Adsense for beginners Google AdSense

If you are a beginner in that world, do not think that you have reached late, because profiting from the Internet is counted as one of the most important methods towards getting rich and achieving property in a very short period and at a terrible speed. Starting with a steady pace towards the pursuit of successes, and with the earnest effort and God's grace, you will be able to investigate the successes one by one, and from here we will clarify and explain to you everything about that great world, except that you should read this page with all its data with great care and attention. There is something not clear, just ask us in the comments and we will answer you, God willing, as quickly as possible.

What is Google AdSense, know it?

In the opening, I would like to tell you what the Google Adsense program is if you are a beginner and do not know it. Google Adsense is a program that calculates from the Google services that it provides to the world. It is a program to share advertising profits, as Google receives many of the ads above that it displays on the Google search engine and the ability to And a limited number of its other services, such as these ads that you see on TV channels at all, and they are definitely paid ads, so it is at the hands of its Google Ads program, which was called in the past (Google AdWords) and because the ads are very abundant and Google will not be able to display them alone through the Google search engine Sharing ads with other publishers, including website owners, blogs, and YouTube channel owners, has been introduced in the present era, and the profit-sharing method is represented by Google getting 32% of the profits, and the publisher gets 68% of the profits in relation to content ads. As for search ads, which are Represented by putting an engine codeA custom search on your site will be 51% for the publisher and 49% for Google.

How to earn from Google Adsense

In order to start earning from Google Adsense constantly, you must have what you offer, then you must adhere to the policy of the Adsense program from the Google Foundation, then you have a tool to display ads through it, and there are various media. Let us divide this into several points, which are as follows:

To have exclusive good content to offer.

That the content you provide to him is a crowd searching for it and seeking to reach it.

That it can legally investigate guests to view the content.

That you have a commitment to comply with the policy of Google Adsense .

To have a tool to display the content on top of it and display the ads on top of it.

To sign up for the Adsense program.

After the subscription is canceled, you are waiting for the approval of your AdSense account to be cancelled, so that you can so far from expressing ads and making profits.

Best Adsense Earning Methods For Beginners

There are various methods in order to reap profits at the hands of the Google Adsense program, including methods that require experience and other methods that do not lack any experience, as there are methods for free and other methods that lack an amount even if it is modest at the forefront. These methods are as follows:

You have to have a website that is compatible with the AdSense policy and you apply for Adsense through it.

To have a WordPress or Blogger blog for free, and we have previously explained how you can create a Blogger blog and profit from it simply.

To have a YouTube channel that provides good and useful content and has the limits and rules for getting profit, and you sign up for AdSense with it.

To have an Adsense account and use it for income with other profit-sharing sites.

Earn from Google Adsense without a website

If you want to profit from Google Adsense and you do not have a website, you can take one of the free methods of owning a site, which is as follows:

Create a website or blog on one of the free platforms that allow you to create websites for free such as (Wordpress, Blogger, other platforms).

You work on YouTube, and we have presented reasons explaining how to profit from YouTube by creating a YouTube channel and working on it.

To work with sites that allow the contribution of profits, such as sites that contribute profits in return for writing topics.

Create a Google or Gmail account

In order to be able to attach a Google Adsense account, you must initially have a Google account or a G account, the ability to join on its hand, which enables you to benefit from all Google services, whether free or paid. In the following lines, how to create an account on Google in steps.

1. Go to the Google website and click on login at the top of the site, and so you choose to create an account or click here .

2. Then you fill in the required information on the page, which is the first name, then the last name, and you are allowed to write it in Arabic or English, and write the name of your preparedness in English only, and make sure that it is available, such as egggtojects@gmail.com, and finally, in the two newest fields, you write a password of no less It consists of 8 Arabic or English letters, numbers and symbols, then press on the suffix as it appears.

3. In the wake of that comes the role of following up the information, which is the private information to defend your account on Google, which in its case will help you recover your account on the issue of not remembering or losing the password, God forbid. Therefore, I advise you to put correct information, which is the phone number and email address if it is. You have a newer e-mail whose data you know that you can use to defend your account. After this date of birth, and as I advised you at all, write it correct so that you will be constantly remembered. After that, you choose the gender (male or female) and then click on the following.

4. In the aftermath of this, if you put a phone number, you will be asked to prove the money of the mobile device, so by sending a telegram with a verification code represented in 6 numbers or letters, and as soon as you press send, you will receive the message.

5. Once you click on sending and the message reaches you, you will be directed to the verification page with the relevant field to put the code in, then click on confirm.

How to make a google account

How and how to create an account on Google

6. Until then, you will have to agree to the credit and the terms, which are the parameters and rules for Google services.

open google account

open google account

7. After that, your account becomes eligible to benefit from all services, the first of which is the support of the ready, which you can access through the following link Gmail.com.

Essential notes:

If you find the subscription page in English and want to change it to Arabic, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose Arabic. If you want it in any other language, follow the same method.

With regard to those who want to create a Gmail account without a phone number, putting the phone number is optional. You can bypass it, but for information, it is an essential matter and will help you quickly recover your account information in connection with the loss of any motive.

Regarding the special activation code to confirm that you own the phone, if you do not receive the message, you can choose to call, and if you put an inaccurate number, you can back out and choose to upgrade the phone number.

A Google account allows you to benefit from all Google services and sign in using it to all services, whether free or paid, such as (Google Drive, Google Map, Google Ads, Google Adsense, youtube, Gmail..etc), knowing that few of the services may lack Continue a little information or update the relevant settings.

Earn money from adsense on facebook

The secret of profiting from the Google Adsense program through Facebook is for those who do not know how to create appropriate content that helps them attract visitors to their sites through the Google search engine, for these few to create a site, whether free or paid, and then place Adsense ads on the site and thus they work on issuing text relationships for their site on Facebook Whether in great groups or giant facebook pages, or by promoting their posts on facebook with paid advertising plans, this helps them to attract visitors to view their sites pages and thus track views on ads and reap profits, but I do not advise beginners in this way for many reasons, which are as follows:

Disadvantages and shortcomings of making money from paid or free ads via Facebook

It may cost more in paid ads and make less money as profits.

It is not possible to be all visitors from Facebook only, you will need to have organic invites from the search engine.

Moderate profit from Google Adsense

The fact that the average fortune won from Google Adsense depends on a number of reasons that control profits in general, which are as follows:

The target country: from which the visits come, for example, a moderate price per click from the Arab Republic of Egypt is 3 cents, not only for each click on the advertisement, and the same situation with respect to the rest of the countries of the Arab region to some extent, with the exception of a limited number of countries where the price of the click is likely to reach 5 or 6 cents, but from foreign countries, the situation is much better.

Content style: The content controls the price of the click according to the niche you choose to work with. The price of the click in technology and software content is not the same as in education and about vehicles, and you can identify that by searching for the best content in terms of the price of the click and the result per thousand ad impressions.

Segmentation of advertisements on the site: Of course, the appearance of advertisements and their good distribution on the site helps in increasing profits when their distribution was better and vice versa.

The origin of the visitors: the organic visitors who arrive at your site through the search engine and by natural means, your profits through them are more than the visitors who are crossed out through advertisements or promotions, so we talked about that as one of the flaws and shortcomings for beginners with regard to working on Adsense Arbitrage.

Site speed: The speed of the site definitely has an impact on the profits. The speed of the site means the speed of advertisements being shown, thus exaggerating the likelihood that the profits will be more with the clarification of a greater number of advertisements.

google adsense ads prices

With regard to the general average, the prices of clicks in the countries of the Arab region are between 3 cents to 10 cents per click, according to the reasons mentioned in the previous point. With regard to the return on each thousand impressions, it varies between 20 cents to 3 dollars as a maximum in the countries of the Arab region for all thousand Ads appear in a total model, the return on each thousand impressions depends on the number of clicks and vice versa as well.

How and how to sign up for Google Adsense

Adsense enrollment does not vary in all cases with regard to following the specifics and rules of the program. In the past, there were types of hosted accounts, which were on domains for free, such as blogger or youtube. However, in the current time, all accounts are reviewing any site to accept it, even YouTube channels It has specific parameters and rules to be approved in Adsense, and the subscription steps are counted as one, but the matter varies if you are going to start activating the profit on YouTube, and here are the steps to subscribe to Adsense if you will sign up using your own website.

Steps to sign up for Adsense

Go to the Adsense site immediately via the following link https://www.google.com/intl/ar/adsense/start

So far, you have to click on Subscribe for this moment or Start.

3. You will be redirected to a page to fill in the information on it, which is only minor information, the site that you will register using and your email, as you have to choose whether you want to receive correspondence related to modifications and donations in Google Adsense or not, and certainly I advise you to choose Yes.

Create a simple Adsense account

Creating an Adsense account is easy

4. Following this, you will have to specify the republic in which you reside, whether the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the State of the Republic of Sudan, Palestine or any other republic, and then you will have to certify that you agree to the provisions, limitations and rules relevant to the program and the approval above to complete enrollment.

Reasons for how and how to create an adsense account

Explain the method and how to create an adsense account

5. The next step will be for you to complete your conversion to the main Adsense panel in preparation for accepting your account in Adsense and explaining a few basic data for you and outlines about your use of Adsense.

How to create an Adsense account

How to create an Adsense account

6. After that, you will have to follow up on the payment information, which includes the name of the account holder, addresses and the postal badge to which the coffee code will be sent. You can access the postal code easily by typing in the Google search engine the postal code of Maadi, the postal code of Mokattam or the code Postal mail to the nearest post office to you.

Create and activate a google adsense account

7. The last step now is that you have to put the Adsense code on your site between my tags and in your site layout template, whether this is in Blogger, WordPress or any special programming, and if your site includes places to place ads in the strategy settings, put the code in Any position of the advertisement is clear on all pages of the site, such as the header or the top of the site, and here is a picture that looks like the code model that must be completely copied and pasted into the site.

8- After pasting the code on your site, you will mark on the box I have pasted the code on my site and you will have to wait until the review of your account is canceled by Google, which lacks at least one working day and may exceed this and reach a month according to the situation of your site and the number of requests that require to reconsider.

How and how to make and activate a Google Adsense account for beginners

How to make and activate a Google Adsense account for beginners

Basic notes for joining in Adsense:

If you cannot find the postal code for your place of residence using a Google search engine, you can visit the postal code website in the Arab Republic of Egypt via the following link: https://www.egyptcodebase.com/ar and search for the name of your town.

You can copy the code from Adsense quickly as soon as you click on the word “Copy” located at the bottom of the code box and you will not even lack its shading.

If your account has been rejected, you can reapply again in the same site so far, to fix the existing problems with it.

The address and postal logo must be written correctly in order for the coffee to receive the account activation code at your address.

You have to know that it requires you to fully comply with the Adsense policy because with regard to closing your account, you will most likely not be able to open it again, just as it will never work with Adsense.

Managing your Adsense account

Google is one of the first and best institutions in the world, and therefore supports the synchronization of the various services related to it. Therefore, you can synchronize all the services on your mobile device and computer. You can download the Gmail application on your skilled mobile device, whether Android or iPhone, just as you can download the AdSense implementation also to continue the profits and all Something and we will put you in the following lines the file relationships of those applications.

  • Download Gmail for Android -  Click Here .
  • Download the Gmail app for iPhone -  click here .
  • Download Google Adsense App for Android -  Click Here .
  • Download Google AdSense for iPhone -  click here .

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